Saturday, May 14, 2011

New House, New Car

I have been so busy packing, moving, meeting with workers and installers and more!  On top of getting a new house it was about time for my car lease to be up.  I went with a much more practical, affordable, choice this time.  I absolutely loved my Mercedes Slk but she was just to expensive and high matinees!  My new car is a 2011 Jetta SE.  I like her a lot too, but the one thing I don't love is the arm rest.  I know that seams funny but the 2010's and older have an adjustable one and the 2011's don't.  The 2011 one just doesn't fit me right.  I debated on going with a used on just for the arm rest...  They were practical the same price.  Really,  the 2011 models are $1700 less the a brand new 2010 one.  That surprised me! More pictures and stuff about the New House coming soon!

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  1. That is really surprising! Well, I hope you'd find one that totally suits your need. There are still a lot there somewhere just waiting for your eyes to lay on. It's like destiny. =)

    Kevyn Hagemann